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Our purpose is to bring content that can shed light and promote transformation, thus giving our contribution to humanity in this moment of shifting, rebirthing, when we are all invited to evolve, to rediscover our essence and to co-create a new, beautiful, enlightened reality. 
We truly believe Meditation, Communication, Education, Health and Well-Being are key for us to create a better reality. Therefore, our mission is to serve, by offering courses, coaching sessions and educational materials on many different subjects related to Meditation, Communication, Education, Health and Well-Being.


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For those who love communication, languages, connecting with people, traveling, and are always open for new learning experiences, here it goes a series of videos with short Portuguese classes for English speakers:
Valeria teaches Portuguese for English speakers - class 1
A little introduction to Portuguese language.
A mini Portuguese class for English language speakers.
Valeria teaches Portuguese for English speakers - class 2
Greetings + review class 1 + magic words
A mini Portuguese class for English language speakers.

Class 11 - In this video Valeria Borgonovi teaches a short Portuguese class, addressing to the audience, or students, in English, as if they were there, with her. She talks about Nature, Nature in Brazil and some other topics related to the country (Brazil), where she is from and lives.
Communication, Education, Meditation, Health and Well-Being 

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We live a reality created according to our thoughts, emotions, feelings and beliefs. To have it transformed and live a great life, all we need is to watch our emotions, thoughts, feelings and beliefs and make sure they are always all based on love - Valeria Maria Borgonovi